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With each day that slips by, I think to myself “Could I have done more today? Is there any way my actions could have moved me along a little bit further?” Maybe it’s that I just had a birthday, but there is a yearning inside of me, so intense that it almost feels like desperation. Time is precious, and I want to spend as little of it as possible in limbo. I want to create this business and make it great.

I am so excited to be meeting with Jill Coursen on Friday. I called her up about a week ago and she was lovely enough to consent to speak with me. Her photos are stunning and her work ethic seems amazing. She is my first link into this world. I am a dry sponge, aching for information. For any insight as to what these  individuals actually do.


This past weekend was a welcome escape from my head. The images are from a walk we took and some magical little spots we found…

Edmonton photographer photography photographers wedding photographer





Are you newly engaged and looking for an Edmonton wedding photographer?

Please contact me for more information on any of my sessions!

Whether you’re looking for an Edmonton photographer to document your family in this moment in time, or would like to take part in a day of boudoir, I’d love to be your photographer. I also photograph weddings in Calgary and Vancouver.

Heading somewhere more exotic for your big day? I love to travel and will put together a custom quote for you.

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