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“We are utterly in love with the pictures. Every time we look at them we get this warm fuzzy feeling. Morgan managed to capture every moment in such a magical way. We still find it hard to believe it’s us in the photos. We will be eternally grateful for having this time in our lives captured in such beautiful  pieces of art. 

Our families and friends were equally blown away by the pictures. Kerstin: I vividly recall my brother (who in true sibling’s nature is not one to pay many compliments to me) gasping out loud when he saw a portrait of me in my wedding dress. He later suggested I should send the pics to our hometown’s photographer for inspiration. Morgan’s style is so fresh yet timeless. Every shot is well thought out – almost like a painting or a scene in a movie with us as characters. We loved how Morgan incorporated our ideas in the pictures although she turned them into something much more beautiful and creative than we could ever have imagined.

The actual shoots couldn’t have been easier, for us, that is. Morgan was working hard every single minute whilst being the loveliest guest at our wedding. She made everyone feel incredibly comfortable and it shows in the pictures with all the natural smiles and relaxed postures. We also love thinking back to our engagement shoot – what could be nicer than spending an afternoon in lovely countryside holding the person you love. 

We feel truly blessed to have had Morgan as our photographer and highly recommend her. You will be amazed.

~ Kerstin & Ryan



Morgan Darcy Photography“I can’t say that I have ever been photographed professionally before but if I could imagine the perfect photography session, it would be the one I had with Morgan. We both dove into this project head first, with no reservations and it was amazing. Not only does Morgan have a remarkable eye for the perfect shot, she gives amazing direction. For someone who had never modeled before, I felt completely comfortable in front of her lens. She got down and dirty showing me poses and even took off her shoes to walk through the muddy streams with me just to get to a breathtaking scene. I felt feminine, sexy, and soft during different parts of the shoot.
Morgan managed to cover the spectrum of how a woman should feel by changing up the outfits, the locations, and the poses. I am thrilled to have been able to bond with Morgan over this project and am so enamored with the resulting photographs. I feel that Morgan managed to capture what I was feeling and make me feel beautiful and proud of the result. I am so excited to see her continue with her passion and hope to work with her again and again.”~ Zosia



Morgan Darcy Photography

” ‘Here goes nothing’, was all I could think while parking in front of the barn, our first spot in which Morgan was going to take pictures of me. I’ve been known to be awkward and stiff in posing pictures. I hated to do this to Morgan, it was going to be a long day. And then we started. All she did was encourage me. Not once did she make me feel anything less than beautiful. The camera clicked away and I began to loosen up as her voice guided me through the changing poses and scenery. She got excited over shots, her enthusiasm poured into me; I was having a blast. As we changed outfits, she could tell when I wasn’t comfortable with one. Not once did she try to make me feel bad for not wanting to wear a certain piece. We would pick a different item and carry on. When we did come to a more boudoir outfit she made sure before we even started I was comfortable. No other photographer could have taken these photos. Her soft voice and her guidance made for the most amazing pictures I have ever seen of myself. Morgan is able to pull beauty out of people and capture it in a single moment. I think every woman should have a chance to feel this way. Beautiful.”    ~Nicole


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