Meet Morgan

Morgan Darcy

The love is in the details

When I wander down memory lane, it is the little things that come back to me. The fleeting moments.
Incidental loveliness…

The softness of an unexpected kiss.
A moment of stillness on a busy day.
The intoxicating smell of a summer blossom.
The warmth of his hand as it reached out to hold mine.

These little things contain the magic of a memory – the magic that I love to catch with my camera so that you may keep it forever.

Who am I? I’m a lover of beauty who:
Lives in the country but appreciates the finer things in life
Sees loveliness everywhere
Strives for simplicity and balance.

A wife, a tea-drinker, a pinterest-addict, a chocolate-lover, an early-riser, a day-dreamer… and a photographer.

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